Book review: The Martian by Andy Weir

*spoiler alert* *spoiler alert* *spoiler alert*


I loved this book for many reasons.

First off because I love anything that involves space… especially traveling through space.

The book also made me feel super smart. Throughout the whole story Mark Watney is constantly challenged with new obstacles he must over come to stay alive. Using science, engineering, math, and lots of trial  and error he manages to keep his ass alive. All of the technical stuff was written in such a brilliant way that anyone could follow and understand. I read a few reviews where people complained about “too much technical jargon”…but we do not care what they think. Perhaps they should stick to Twilight and the Hunger Games.

Soooooo here are some of my favorite quotes from the book!

One thing I have in abundance here are bags. They’re not much different from kitchen trash bags, though I’m sure they cost $50,000 because of NASA.

Henceforth, rover experimental missions will be “Sirius” missions. Get it? Dogs? Well if you don’t, fuck you.

Also, please tell them that each and everyone of their mothers is a prostitute.  -Watney
PS: Their sisters, too.

It was funny, suspenseful, technical, and insightful. I truly believe we will colonize other planets in the future. I hope I get to see it in my lifetime. Maybe even live out my last years on a base on Mars.

I watched the movie after finishing the book and enjoyed it also. The book was still much better…the movie failed to truly capture Marks humor, his will to live and how much time he spent thinking plotting and planning. I was also disappointed that they ignored the fact that Venkat is Hindu in the book and made him “half Baptist”. They completely fail for leaving out the boobs joke: Look! A pair of boobs! -> (.Y.)

I give the book 5 stars ☆☆☆☆☆
I give the movie 4 stars ☆☆☆☆

Be Well ~ the Mermaid From Space


3 thoughts on “Book review: The Martian by Andy Weir

  1. I honestly wish I had read the book before watching the movie, I just don’t have the time! I’ve heard amazing things about the book, but I honestly really enjoyed the movie as well. 🙂


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