Book Review of “Initiation” by Elisabeth Haich


I just finished reading “Initiation” by Elisabeth Haich and it is a wonderful book! Elisabeth retells her past life memories of being initiated into an ancient Egyptian mystery school, while at the same time revealing through out the book profound Occult knowledge.

Over all I loved this book. My only complaint would be the lack of information. And by lack of information I mean that she is not telling the whole story. In the primary past life she revisits through out the story, she is the daughter and wife of pharaoh while working towards Initiation in to the priesthood. That being said I believe that her experiences are true…but I am not buying the whole story. I think she intentionally omitted parts of the story to perhaps protect herself or the reader. She never says aliens are not real…she never says anything about them…but she does emphasize herself, her father, and others of the royal family… the “ruling race’ as the “the Sons of God”. She describes them as thin, big headed, and consciously evolved. And predicted Egypt’s eventual decline and fall from grace at the hands of the greedy “Sons of Men.” SO it could be said that there are subtle references to the possibility of an ancient alien interaction…or that I’m just reading way too far into it because I am extremely biased and love aliens and think they are every where. It is also possible she left out the dirty details of Ancient Egyptian life/culture/experience as to not to distract from the Occult knowledge that is being passed on in this book. To me it is better than the story itself…and there is a good chance that is exactly they way Elisabeth Hiach intended it to be. For she readily admits in the beginning of the book that she did not really want to write it but was pressured by her students. I personally am so glad she did! I got sooo much out of this book. And I wont spoil it, but the ending is so good that I was unsure if I was not also in the pyramids being initiated….here are some of my favorites bits of wisdom from the book I had to share…

“Initiation means becoming conscious. You are now conscious to a degree corresponding to the resistance of your nerves and body. When a person becomes conscious to a higher spiritual degree, he automatically guides higher, stronger, more penetrating powers into his body. For this reason , he must also raise the levels of resistance of his nerves and body. To achieve the supreme, divinely creative degree of consciousness, while at the same time increasing the resistance of the nerves to the supreme degree in order to be able to endure this divine condition without harm to the body-that’s what initiation means. Initiation also entails omnipotence and omniscience.” 

This quote from the book immediately jumped out at me because I am a Kundalini Yoga Instructor and this resonates with what I was taught in teacher training…part of the reason for doing kriyas (a sequence of asanas and meditations) is to strengthen the nervous system and the glands. A strong body is more able to better conduct and send energy.

“All concentration begins with the intellectual phase. You direct your thoughts to the object of your concentration and consider what this object actually is. In this stage you are using your intellect because you want to clarify your thoughts and seek a completely satisfactory definition expressing fully and clearly the object of your concentration. As soon as you have found such a definition, your intellectual work is done, for you know now what this thing is. You don’t need to reflect on it anymore, for when you know what something is, you don’t cogitate about it anymore. Thinking is the bridge between ignorance and knowledge. When we know everything-like God- we will have no further need for thinking. God is omniscient. He Himself is knowledge, and his knowledge is as perfect as a circle. What should he think about when he knows everything! Only the person who is obliged to expand his knowledge needs to think. This work of expanding knowledge consists of thinking. 

When your knowledge concerning the object of your concentration is complete, you make the transition from thinking to feeling. This is the second phase of concentration. Your consciousness projects outwardly through your nervous system all the characteristics of the object of your concentration, impressing them on your organs of sense; so you have the sensation of experiencing them. With every nerve and every drop of your blood you feel the object of your concentration and what it is like. When you have thoroughly experienced the object of your concentration in terms of thinking and feeling, you go on to the third phase, spiritual concentration. This means that in your consciousness you become identical with the object of concentration. You are no longer thinking about it, or feeling what and how it is, you are it! We call this a state of being. In this state you don’t need to think about this thing anymore, nor to feel it, because you have become it yourself. In this condition, all your thoughts, all your feelings, all your words, all your deeds become manifestations of the object of your concentration. 

A person doesn’t think about what he is; nor does he feel it; simply because he is what he is!

He doesn’t need to speak about it; everything he thinks, says and does is the expression of what he is, the manifestation of his own being!”

Love, Love, Love! “All your deeds become manifestations of the object of your concentration” …that definitely put many things in perspective for me lol. Here is some more wisdom of Ptahhotep on the nature of duality in our world…

“You can achieve knowledge only through comparing the two sides, positive and negative, which have become separated from each other. As long as these two sides are together, resting in each other, you can’t perceive or recognize anything.

Observe the visible world. It is only recognizable because it has separated itself from the unity in which the Nothing and the Everything are still at rest within each other. In other words, it has separated itself from the absolute unity we call God. The things in the world around us are only recognizable because the positive appears separately from the negative and we can compare the two together. There can be no perception unless unity is split into two halves-one of them manifested and the other, it’s reflection and complementary half, unmanifested—so that both become recognizable through comparison!

Nothing can ever be manifested and made recognizable, unless its opposite-its complementary half-is simultaneously present unmanifested! When something positive is manifested, the negative remains unmanifested, and vice versa, When something negative is manifested, the positive is unmanifested. Whenever the one appears, its complimentary half must always be present even though in an unmanifested state. The two are bound together for all time and eternity.

And so you see the separation is really one in appearance only, because the two complementary halves, even when they are separated and have fallen out of the all-unity can never get away from each other. Inseparable divine unity therefore manifests itself always and everywhere; for even in this seeming separation, it continues to be active everywhere as the ever-present attractive force between positive and negative.”

And last but not least here are very detailed instructions on how to make a telepathic link with another…

“Establishing psychic contact with another person. You will find that you get better results with these exercises after sundown. That is because the sun’s rays have a stimulating effect on those nerve centers and glands which serve the physical manifestations of the spirit and thus tie the consciousness to the material plane. The sun’s rays have a contrary effect on spiritual manifestation. After sunset, this effect ceases, the consciousness can free itself from certain nerve centres and withdraw into a spiritual plane. Living creatures go to sleep. Going to sleep means that the consciousness withdraws from the body into the spirit. And since most people are not able consciously to reach the deeper levels of the spirit, they lose consciousness-they fall asleep. With practice one can develop the resistance of his nerves to such a degree that he can remain conscious even at the deepest level. In this way the nerve centers and brain centers which are at rest during the daytime become active, receiving and conducting the vibrations of the spirit, the self. In this way you can establish contact with someone at a distance, that is telepathic contact. It is better for a beginner to practice after sunset so that he doesn’t have the effect of the sunshine working against him. Later on one develops the ability to make a telepathic contact any time.

In this exercise, just as in every exercise in concentration, you begin by fixing your entire attention on one single thought. Concentrate your thoughts completely on the person with whom you want to establish contact, allowing your imagination to help along. With your eyes closed, you imagine the person you want to reach, seeing him with your inward eye, his body, his face, his eyes, and imagining you are he and he is you, until you actually get the feeling that his hands are your hands and your body his, until you achieve complete identity with the person you are trying to reach. When you have reached this point, think the thought you want to transmit clearly and concentratedly. Think it with intent awareness that you are the person concerned and that this person in you is thinking this thought.

This exercise has three phases: first you practice in the presence of the person whom you want to reach telepathically, and during your practice the person concerned tries to receive your thought.

Later you repeat the same exercise at a distance and at a time agreed upon in advance, with both of you knowing that the other is going to concentrate on him.

Finally you transmit a message through telepathic contact without your partner knowing in advanced. These three phases make up the positive half of telepathic exercises. In this work you are the one who wants to send a message. The negative half of the exercise consists in your developing the ability to receive and understand telepathic messages. This exercise too consists of three phases. At first you make yourself receptive and “empty” in the presence of the person from who you want to receive a message, then alone at a time agreed upon in advance such that you know who is going to concentrate on you and when. Finally you must be able to receive any telepathic message with out knowing in advance who is going to concentrate on you and when.”

As you can see this is an experience rich book that takes one on a wild journey while handing out esoteric occult knowledge. I took many more notes on this book that I may share in the future. And I definitely will check out other books written By Elizabeth Haich in the future. I leave you with my favorite quote from the book that really hit home with me as an artist. Be well space friends and stay salty! ~ the Mermaid From Space.

“Talent without diligence and diligence without talent is not art.”

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